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  • Abenomics – the name given to a suite of measures introduced by Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe after his December 2012 re-election to the post he last held in 2007. His aim was to revive the sluggish economy with "three arrows": a massive fiscal stimulus, more aggressive monetary easing from the Bank of Japan, and structural reforms to boost Japan's competitiveness.
  • Accumulation/Distribution : A momentum indicator that attempts to gauge supply and demand by determining whether investors are generally "accumulating" (buying) or "distributing" (selling) a certain stock by identifying divergences between stock price and volume flow. It is calculated using the following formula: Acc/Dist = ((Close – Low) – (High – Close)) / (High – Low) * Period's volume
  • Brexit – An abbreviation of "British exit" that mirrors the term Grexit, refers to the possibility of the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union.
  • Contango  a situation in which futures prices are meaningfully above current spot levels.
  • COT   Commitments of Traders Report. The report is issued on Thursday evenings by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.  It breaks down the amount of buying and selling done by three groups: Commercials, Large Traders, and Small Traders.
  • Cup with handle – technical charting pattern coined by IBD founder William J. O'Neil. It is one of three positive chart patterns to look for when doing technical analysis of a stock. It is named such because it resembles the outline of a coffee cup with a handle.
  • FND - 'first notice day'- The first day, varying by contracts and exchanges, on which notices of intent to deliver actual financial instruments or physical commodities against futures are authorized
  • Key reversal day – Prices open above the previous day’s close, make a new high and then close below the previous day’s low.
  • LEAPS – derivative instruments for stocks and indices. They were first introduced in 1990. Equity LEAPS always expire in January. For example, if today were November 2013, one could buy a Microsoft January call option that would expire in 2014, 2015, or 2016. The latter two are LEAPS.
  • Outside day – occurs when the low of the day is lower than the previous day’s low and the high of the day is higher than the previous day’s high. Candlestick or OHLC chart displays make it easy to see. Depending on where it occurrs on the chart, this may signify a bullish key technical reversal
  • VWAP - volume-weighted average price

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