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Thursday, March 8, 2018

====BioPharma (PDLI) reported earnings on Thur 8 March 2018 (a/h)

 BioPharma beats by $0.13, beats on revs 
  • Reports Q4 (Dec) earnings of $0.16 per share, $0.13 better thanthe single analyst estimate of $0.03; revenues rose 2.3% year/year to $68 mln vs the $45.29 mln single analyst estimate.
  • Commentary: "...We expect the revenues from these assets, whose net book value is $5.54 per share, to fuel the building of our specialty pharma business. It's important to note that $264 million, or 83 percent of our 2017 revenues, came from sources other than the Queen et al patents. In 2018, we need to continue to execute successfully on our business model as well as close the gap between our share price and our book value per share."

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